Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Note 236) for par. 1601-1610

Sixth Notebook – Note 236 (for paragraphs 1601-1610)

236. Probably Father M. Sopocko, because he was chiefly active in spreading the devotion of The Divine Mercy and in efforts to found the new community; but Sister Faustina may also have had in mind Father Andrasz or Mother Irene Krzyzanowska, because they, too, made efforts to spread the devotion of The Divine Mercy.

Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 234-235) for par. 1581-1589

Fifth Notebook – Notes 234-235 (for paragraphs 1581-1589)

234. Sister Faustina’s superiors during her lifetime as a religious: M. Margaret Gimbutt – beginning of novitiate and third probation before perpetual vows; M. Raphael Buczynska – in Cracow and Warsaw; M. Rose Klobukowska- in Piock; M. Xavier Olszamowska – in Kiekrz; M. Borgia Tichy – in Vilnius; M. Seraphina Kikulska – in Walendow. Sister Xavier – Jane Olszamowska, born 1883, entered the Congregation in 1912. She was superior in Kiekrz and in Warsaw, and then was secretary general. She died on March 11, 1970, in Cracow.

235. Cf. Bishop Zbigniew Kraszewski, “Udzial Matki Bozej w Dziele Odkupienia” (“The Role of the Mother of God in the Work of Redemption’) in Gratia Plena, Poznan, 1965.

Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Note 232) for par. 1501-1510

Fifth Notebook – Note 232 (for paragraphs 1501-1510)

232. Sister Faustina was very sensitive to the division into choirs. In this case, Sister Seraphina certainly was not guided by the division, but seeing Sister Faustina already wet, she thought it would be easier for Sister Faustina to go to the gate than for another sister to get wet, too. In giving the order she obviously did not know Sister Faustina was unwell, or else she would have done otherwise. Sister Seraphina was a good and pious sister. She was never known to make any differences among the sisters.

Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 228-230) for par. 1471-1480

Fifth Notebook – Notes 228-230 (for paragraphs 1471-1480)

228. Probably Sister Gertrude, who was sharing a small room called separatka (isolation ward) with Sister Faustina at the time. Sister Gertrude Budzinska, born 1876, entered the Congregation in 1895. She died in Cracow on August 11,1966.

229. Probably Sister Liguoria Poznanska, the sacristan and an expert on handiwork, came to teach Sister Gertrude how to make borders for altar linens. Sister Liguoria Poznanska, born January 15, 1880, entered the Congregation on December 4, 1919. She was sacristan almost all her life as a religious. In 1953 she was appointed assistant to the house superior in Cracow. She died in Cracow on May 2, 1960.

230. It could be that at this particular time the Saint was given to know the day of her death.

Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Note 227) for par. 1461-1470

Fifth Notebook – Note 227 (for paragraphs 1461-1470)

227. Sister Faustina’s vision regarding Mother Irene Krzyzanowska came true in so far that Mother Krzyzanowska was a witness at the information process and was probably questioned about Sister Faustina and her writings. Mother Mary Joseph Brzoza, however, died on November 9, 1939, and we do not know whether anyone asked her about Sister Faustina.