Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 246-251) for par. 1671-1680

Sixth Notebook – Notes 246-251 (for paragraphs 1671-1680)

246. Sister Casimir – Irene Twarowska. Born 1911, she entered the Congregation in 1933. She worked as a group instructor and then as the head of the home for girls. She died in Cracow on April 18, 1969.

247. The following sisters had been in the novitiate with Sister Faustina:

Senior novices: Sister Alice Dabrowska, Sister Cherubim Kowieska, Sister Ernest Szczyrba, Sister Yvonne Goebel, Sister Joachim Glue, Sister Kinga, Sister Crescentia Bogdanik, Sister Laurenta Kosinska, Sister Longina Suchomska, Sister Lucine, Sister Natalie Fiszer, Sister Placida Putyra, Sister Renata Jodlowska, Sister Simon Nalewajko, Sister Valentina Leszczynska.

Junior novices: Sister Anunciata Peraj, Sister Bernarda Wilczek, Sister Celine Bronikowska, Sister Felicia Zakowiecka, Sister Justine Golofit, Sister Clementine Glue, Sister Louise Gadzina, Sister Martina, Sister Regina Jaworska, Sister Severina Marciniak, Sister Teresita, Sister Zenobia Saja.

Sisters who were clothed together with Sr. Faustina: Sister Bernadette Federowicz, Sister Bonaventure Edelmann-Glowacka (d. Dec. 17, 1936), Sister Florentine Pajak (d. Jan. 2, 1950), Sister Henry Skulimowska (d. Oct. 20, 1974).

Sisters who corresponded with Sr. Faustina: Sister Justine Golofit, Sister Louise Gadzina, Sister Regina Jaworska; perhaps there were others, but at present they are unknown.

248. Sisters of the Congregation of Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, who worked at the hospital at Pradnik. The Congregation had been founded in Cracow in 1894 by Bishop Peiczar.

249. Sister David Cedro; Sister Alana – Caroline Wilusz, born July 20, 1910; Sister Medarda – Caroline Podrazik, born June 16, 1910, died 1966.

250. Similar incidents can be found in the lives of saints; for example, St. Stanislaus Kostka and St. Bonaventure.

251. Low Sunday. The Sunday mentioned by Sister Faustina was the first Sunday after Easter; that is, the day that was to be the Feast of The Divine Mercy.