Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 237-240) for par. 1611-1620

Sixth Notebook – Notes 237-240 (for paragraphs 1611-1620)

237. Father Theodore Czaputa was the confessor of the novitiate. Some of the professed sisters also made their confession to him. The Saint’s spiritual director was Father Andrasz. Sister Faustina is careful to make the distinction.

238. Sister Tarcisia – Casimira Piotrowicz. Born in 1891, she entered the Congregation in 1912. For a short time she was a nurse in the Cracow house.

239. Probably Sister Amelia, who was Sister Faustina’s close friend.

240. Carnival – a time of revelry and merrymaking before the Lenten Season.