Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 228-230) for par. 1471-1480

Fifth Notebook – Notes 228-230 (for paragraphs 1471-1480)

228. Probably Sister Gertrude, who was sharing a small room called separatka (isolation ward) with Sister Faustina at the time. Sister Gertrude Budzinska, born 1876, entered the Congregation in 1895. She died in Cracow on August 11,1966.

229. Probably Sister Liguoria Poznanska, the sacristan and an expert on handiwork, came to teach Sister Gertrude how to make borders for altar linens. Sister Liguoria Poznanska, born January 15, 1880, entered the Congregation on December 4, 1919. She was sacristan almost all her life as a religious. In 1953 she was appointed assistant to the house superior in Cracow. She died in Cracow on May 2, 1960.

230. It could be that at this particular time the Saint was given to know the day of her death.