Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 220a-221) for par. 1431-1440

Fifth Notebook – Notes 220a-221 (for paragraphs 1431-1440)

220a. The breaking of the wafer – oplatek in Polish. The breaking of the wafer is a Polish tradition going back to the 10th century. The word Oplatek derives from the word Oblatum meaning holy bread. Made without yeast, the wafer would have Christmas decorations on it. The breaking of the wafer is still the heart and the centre of Poland’s Christmas Eve celebrations, and after the breaking, family and friends give their best wishes to each other for the new year.
For more information, see:
Polish traditions and customs:
“The traditions of Christmas” f’The Warsaw Voice,17 Dec. 2003.

221. This is a quotation from the Roman Martyrology, which was read in the refectory after the prayer before meals.