Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 190-192) for par. 1101-1110

Third Notebook – Notes 190-192 (for paragraphs 1101-1110)

190. Every year, besides the eight-day retreat, the sisters have a three-day retreat.

191. An eight-day retreat was being held in the house, preceding the profession of vows and taking of the veil (April 20-29). It was conducted by Father Plaza, S.J., Superior of the house provincial at 8 Maly Rynek, Cracow (A. SMDM-C).

192. We do not know to what talks the vision refers. But we know that Father Sopocko sent a memorial on The Divine Mercy to the participants of the First Plenary Synod, which was held at Czestochowa on August 26-27, 1936. The Pope’s delegate, Msgr. Marmaggi presided at the Synod. He probably mentioned the matter of promulgating a Feast of The Divine Mercy in his report of the Synod to the Holy See. That may have caused disputes. We have reason to suppose that the report drew the interest of Eugene Cardinal Pacelli, Secretary of State (and later, Pope Pius XII). But it is difficult to say what the work could have been. The fact that the notification banning the devotion was not issued by the Holy Office until after his death (November 28, 1958) suggests that Cardinal Pacelli’s attitude toward the devotion to The Divine Mercy was a favorable one.