Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 154-159) for par. 841-850

Second Notebook – Notes 154-159 (for paragraphs 841-850)

154. Sister Chrysostom – Mary Korczak. Born in 1892, she entered the Congregation in 1921 . She worked as a group instructor and as a nurse. She came in contact with Sister Faustina in Vilnius, and then during Sister Faustina’s last illness in Cracow. She was appointed to be a witness at the information process for reasons of her office.

155. Sister Cajetan – Mary Bartkowiak. Born January 19, 1911, she entered the Congregation in 1933. She was with Sister Faustina in Warsaw and in Cracow. She was a witness at the information process in 1965/66.

155a. The breaking of the wafer – oplatek in Polish. The breaking of the wafer is a Polish tradition going back to the 10th century. The word Oplatek derives from the word Oblatum meaning holy bread. Made without yeast, the wafer would have Christmas decorations on it. The breaking of the wafer is still the heart and the centre of Poland’s Christmas Eve celebrations, and after the breaking, family and friends give their best wishes to each other for the new year.
For more information, see:
Polish traditions and customs:
“The traditions of Christmas” f’The Warsaw Voice,17 Dec. 2003.

156. After Christmas, Sister Faustina was taken back to the hospital at Pradnik by Sister Damiana Ziolek, who gives the following account of the circumstances of the trip: “At night a little baby was left by the convent gate. In the morning Sister Frances found it, took care of it, washed and fed it, and started to look for someone to look after the baby. A neighbor who had no children of her own and wanted a foster child learned about it. She readily accepted the Congregation’s offer, took in the foundling and agreed to give it her name. The cab which was taking Sister Faustina to Pradnik gave the woman a lift to the parish church in Podgorze, where the child was baptized and the fact recorded in the books.”

Sister Damiana – Sophia Ziolek was born on October 18, 1911. She entered the Congregation in 1927. She came in contact with Sister Faustina in Plock in 1932 and then in Cracow. She was a witness at the information process.

157. St. Joseph Church in Podgorze. Rev. Joseph Niemczynski was the pastor at the time.

158. Sister Damiana Ziolek.

159. Probably Sister Alana – Caroline Wilusz, of the Congregation of Servants of the Sacred Heart. She suffered from consumption and had a room near Sister Faustina’s. She was born in 1910 and entered her Congregation in 1929.