Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 143-144) for par. 731-740

Second Notebook – Notes 143-144 (for paragraphs 731-740)

143. The following sisters came to take their perpetual vows then: Sister Boleslaus Domagalska, b. 1902; Sister Cyprian Rzad, b. 1903; Sister Damiana Ziolek, b. 1909; Sister Marceline Kobrzyniecka, b. 1906; Sister Pancratia Nalewajko, b 1908; Sister Sebastiana Gabinowska (1 905-1 942). It is difficult to say which of the sisters confided to Sister Faustina, but it can be supposed it was Sister Sebastiana Gabinowska, who often went through periods of depression. She even asked her superiors to postpone the date of her perpetual vows. Soon after perpetual profession she showed symptoms of mental illness. She was sent to the mental hospital al Kobierzyn near Cracow. She shared the fate of other patients during the occupation: they were taken away and executed by the Germans. The death took place probably at the end of June 1942 (A. SMDM-C and D).

144. In this case the preacher was Father Ladislaus Wojton, S.J., who from October 20 to 29, 1936 conducted the retreat before the vows.