Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 132-133) for par. 631-640

Second Notebook – Notes 132-133 (for paragraphs 631-640)

132. One can assume that it was Sister Petronela Basiura, who worked in the garden before Sister Faustina’s assignment to Vilnius, and because she was stronger was given the duty to raise the cattle. She died March 5, 1959, in Czestochowa (A. SMDM-C and D).

133. It was probably Sister Regina Jaworska, who knew St. Faustina from novitiate days. Sister Regina – Valeria Jaworska was born November 28, 1 905. She entered the Congregation in 1926 and made her perpetual vows October 30, 1933. She was a witness during the information process of the Servant of God.