Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Note 131) for par. 621-630

Second Notebook – Note 131 (for paragraphs 621-630)

131. It was probably Sister Antonina Grejwul, who writes in her memories of Sister Faustina as follows: “After confessions I was worried and doubting whether the Lord Jesus had forgiven me. Weeping, I asked Sister Faustina for prayer. Next morning she said, “Sister, you have grace with Jesus, because He answered at once that He was not angry with you for your sins, but was hurt by your distrust in His forgiveness. I will pray to propitiate Him for you’”

Sister Antonina Grejwul, born Sept. 13, 1877, entered the Congregation in Vilnius on June 29, 1909. She stayed in Vilnius until the closing of the house in 1945. During World War II, in 1939, she was imprisoned in the Lukiszki prison in Vilnius together with the other sisters. As a Latvian she was freed after a while. After the sisters had left Vilnius she was sent to the Congregation’s house at Biala near Plock, where she died on January 22, 1960 (A. SMDM-C and D).