Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 126-128) for par. 601-610

Second Notebook – Notes 126-128 (for paragraphs 601-610)

126. Probably Sister Veronica Rapisz. Born March 18,1 853, she entered the Congregation on December 16, 1881 . She had spent all her life as a religious working in the garden. In her last years she devoted very much time to prayer. She died in Vilnius on January 28, 1 936 (A. SMDM-C and D).

127. “The whole Congregation” probably means all the sisters of the house, in this case, of the Vilnius house.

128. Probably Father Anthony Korcik, chaplain of the Congregation’s house in Vilnius from August 10, 1934 until 1940. Father Korcik was born about 1892 and ordained priest in 1920 for the diocese of Luck and Zytomierz. He graduated from the School of Theology of the Warsaw University, specializing in philosophy. From 1929 he lectured on the history of philosophy at the University of Vilnius. After the war he went to Lublin, where he taught logic at the School of Theology and Philosophy at the Catholic university of Lublin. He died in Lublin on October 24, 1969.