Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 124-125) for par. 591-600

Second Notebook – Notes 124-125 (for paragraphs 591-600)

124. The priest was Father Sopocko, who writes this in his memoirs of Sister Faustina: “. . . .my troubles reached their peak in January 1 936. I never mentioned them to anyone, and it was only on the critical day that I asked Sister Faustina for prayer. To my great surprise, all my troubles vanished into thin air on that very day, and Sister Faustina told me she had taken all my suffering upon herself and experienced so much suffering on that day as she never had before” (A. SF. Recol.).

125. Te Deum, a hymn of thanksgiving, sung during all major feast days and thanksgiving devotions. Religious congregations pray it during Matins. The origin of the hymn is ascribed to St. Ambrose, which explains why it was offer called the “Ambrosian Hymn.”