Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 112-115) for par. 551-560

Second Notebook – Notes 112-115 (for paragraphs 551-560)

112. By the enclosure, or cloister, is meant a certain section of the convent restricted to members of the Congregation only.

113. For every religious house, the local Ordinary appointed a regular confessor to whom every sister should go to confession. According to a provision of Canon Law, the local Ordinary should also appoint an extraordinary confessor for every house. His duty was to visit the house at least four times a year to hear confessions. All sisters had to see him, if not to confess, then at least to receive a blessing.

114. The Saint had a vision of the future community’s house. It was in Vilnius, at 12, St. Anna Street, and it was in complete ruin. Father Sopocko had the house restored with his own money and intended eventually to place the new community in it. The war interrupted the realization of these plans (See letter of Fr. Sopocko March 31, 1972).

115. “In the dust” – a figurative expression of the Saint for the way she responded to her feeling of guilt.