Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 102-104) for par. 511-521

First Notebook – Notes 102-104 (for paragraphs 511-521)

102. The Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy has its own cemetery in Cracow, which is in the park, separated from the rest of it by a thick wall with a wide entrance gate. All the sisters and wards who die in Cracow are buried there. Sister Faustina was buried here too, and her body was in a tomb in the cemetery until the exhumation of her body on November 25,1966.

103. Sister Vitalina Maslowska, born Dec. 4, 1852, died Jan. 6, 1939.

104. During monthly individual meetings with the superior, the sisters asked her for permission to say private prayers not included in the Congregation’s rules (cf. 72).