Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 95-96) for par. 431-440

First Notebook – Notes 95-96 (for paragraphs 431-440)

95. Sister Faustina thought she was to leave the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy and found a new community, whose task would be to spread the devotion to The Divine Mercy and pray for mercy for the world.

96. Sister Faustina wrote that the Lord Jesus was demanding from her the founding of a new community, whose aim would be to pray for Divine Mercy for the world and to spread the devotion of The Divine Mercy. As she did not want to do anything on her own, Sister Faustina confided these inspirations to her confessor, Father Sopocko, to her Superior General, Mother Michael Moraczewska and, after coming to Cracow, also to Father J. Andrasz, S.J.

The confessors were undecided; Mother Michael gave her permission after long hesitation, but stressed that she was taking no responsibility. Sister Faustina turned to Archbishop Romuald Jalbrzykowski with her inspirations. He did not refuse, but said it was necessary to wait for a clearer sign from heaven.

Despite steady efforts, Sister Faustina did not live to see the new community founded. It was only owing to Father Sopocko’s efforts that the matter arose at a “Bible Hour” meeting in 1941 ; and on October 1 5, 1941 , the first candidate took the vow of chastity before Father Sopocko and pledged poverty and obedience. In the next year other candidates joined her and made similar vows and promises. In 1946 the first candidates, Osinska and Naborowska, left Vilnius and settled at Mysliborz, in the Diocese of Gorzow. Others soon followed, and slowly the Congregation began to develop.

On August 2, 1955, the ordinary of Gorzow, Zygmunt Szelazek, on the basis of special authorization, established the Congregation of the Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, Merciful Redeemer, whose aim was to spread the cult of The Divine Mercy and to assist the Church hierarchy. In this way the wish of the Saint was fulfilled without her personal participation (See O. Izydor Borkiewicz, O.F.M.Con., “Kowalska Helena manuscript. P. 18).