Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 71-73) for par. 241-250

First Notebook – Notes 71-73 (for paragraphs 241-250)

71. See footnote 32.

72. There was a custom in the Congregation that, every month, sisters would ask the superior for permission to practice little mortifications, say additional prayers, have various small things at their disposal, be freed from observing the regulations which they momentarily could not keep, and for many other things according to the individual needs of a given sister.

73. Bishop Rospond, a great friend of the Congregation, who for many years presided over the ceremonies of clothing and vows, celebrated Mass and gave the homily for the occasion. During the clothing ceremony he presented the postulant with the habit and veil; the novices with the cincture and rosary, the crucifix, and the black veil; the temporary professed with a burning candle and a ring as a sign of perpetual betrothal with the Lord Jesus (cf.12).