Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 69-70) for par. 231-240

First Notebook – Notes 69-70 (for paragraphs 231-240)

69. The pall – a large piece of black cloth with a white cross in the middle. According to the Congregation’s ceremonial procedure, before taking perpetual vows the sisters prostrated themselves before the altar and were covered with the pall as a symbol of being dead to the world. In the meantime, other sisters recited Psalm 129, and the bells tolled as during a funeral. The officiating priest, usually a bishop sprinkled the prostrate sisters with holy water and then said: “Rise, you who are dead to the world, and Jesus Christ will enlighten you.”

70. It may be supposed that sister Faustina refers here to Fr. Elter, S.J., who, during the retreat before the Third Probation, set her at peace and encouraged her to be faithful to God’s graces.