Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 60a-62) for par. 181-190

First Notebook – Notes 60a-62 (for paragraphs 181-190)

60a. See footnote 122a.

61. At that time the Congregation was divided into two choirs, the so-called director sisters and coadjutor sisters. The membership to one or the other was decided by the Congregation’s governing body on the basis of the candidate’s intellectual level, age and abilities. The director sisters’ task was to manage the congregation and the penitents’ homes. The coadjutor sisters did the manual work and served as helpers to the director sisters, especially in the area of physical labor (Const. Congr.).

62. The “iron belt” was a kind of belt made of fine wire mesh, used as an instrument of penance. The Sisters could wear the belt with the superior’s permission and only for a specified period of time.