Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 36-37) for par. 71-80

First Notebook – Notes 36-37 (for paragraphs 71-80)

36. Biala, a village near Plock (today known for its petroleum fields), where the Community had purchased some farm buildings and set up a rest home for the sisters and wards of the Plock house. The sisters lived in a small farmhouse situated in the garden, with the main entrance from the side of the garden. There was a porch before the main door.

37. Probably Father Peter Trojanczyk, who was recuperating at Biala and, at the same time, as the Community’s chaplain, served the sisters in spiritual matters. While decorating the chapel with flowers, Sister Faustina probably wanted to put some in the chaplain’s quarters.

Rev. Peter T rojanczyk was born April 30, 1 887 and was ordained priest on June 22, 1913. On March 7, 1941 , he was arrested by the Germans and sent to the camp in Dzialdow, where he was murdered that same year (Monthly Pastoral. Plock, nr. 9, 1949).