Notes for the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (Notes 33-35) for par. 61-70

First Notebook – Notes 33-35 (for paragraphs 61-70)

33. Vilnius lies on the Wilia River. Across the river from the town, on woody hills, were the stations of the cross called “Calvary” (Polish Kalwaria). Going from station to station was called “Walking the Paths.” It was possible to get there from the sisters’ house by boat.

34. Mother Irene Krzyzanowska. Sister Irene – Mary Krzyzanowska was born on November 25, 1889. She entered the Congregation on December 7, 1916 and made her perpetual vows April 30, 1934. She greatly loved the youth and was wholeheartedly given to the apostolic work. She served as educator in the institute for girls, assistant to the Superior General. After years of sacrificial toil she died in Wroclaw on December 3, 1971.

35. Probably Sister Justine Golofit, a friend from the days of novitiate. Mother Irene, wanting to please the Servant of God, appointed her as a companion.

Sister Justine Golofit, born July 5, 1908 entered the Congregation in August 1927.

She made her perpetual vows on October 39, 1934. After that she worked in the kitchen in Warsaw, Vilnius, and Radom. Because of heart trouble, she then did lighter work. She was one of the witnesses during the informational Process of the Servant of God.