Diary of Sr Faustina – Preparation for Holy Communion (par.1811-1820)

Preparation for Holy Communion – Paragraphs 1811-1820


1811. But I want to tell you that eternal life must begin already here on earth through Holy Communion. Each Holy Communion makes you more capable of communing with God throughout eternity.

And so, my King, I do not ask You for anything although I know that You can give me everything. I ask You for one thing only: remain forever the King of my heart; that is enough for me.

1812. Today I am renewing my act of submission to my King, by faithfulness to interior inspirations.

1813. 5. + Today, I am not forcing myself to make any special preparation. I cannot think of anything, though I feel many things. I long for the time when God will come to my heart. I throw myself in His arms and tell Him about my inability and my misery. I pour out all the pain of my heart, for not being able to love Him as much as I want. I arouse within myself acts of faith, hope and charity and live on that throughout the day.

1814. 6. + Today, my preparation is brief. A strong and living faith nearly tears away the veil of love. The presence of God penetrates my heart as a ray from the sun penetrates crystal. At the moment when I receive God, all my being is steeped in Him. Amazement and admiration overwhelm me when I see God’s great majesty, which stoops down to me who am misery itself. There bursts forth from my soul immense gratitude to Him for all the graces that He imparts to me, and especially for the grace of being called to His exclusive service.

1815. 7. + Today, in Holy Communion, I want to unite myself to Jesus as closely as possible, through love. I yearn for God so ardently that it seems to me that the moment will never come when the priest will give me Holy Communion. My soul falls as if into a swoon because of my longing for God.

1816. When I received Him into my heart, the veil of faith was torn away. I saw Jesus who said to me, My daughter, your love compensates Me for the coldness of many souls. After these words, I was once again alone, but throughout the whole day I lived in an act of reparation.

1817. 8. + Today, I feel an abyss of misery in my soul. I want to approach Holy Communion as a fountain of mercy and to drown myself completely in this ocean of love.

When I received Jesus, I threw myself into Him as into an abyss of unfathomable mercy. And the more I felt I was misery itself, the stronger grew my trust in Him.

In this abasement, I passed the whole day.

1818. 9. + Today, my soul has the disposition of a child. I united myself to God as a child to its father. I feel completely like a child of God.

1819. When I had received Holy Communion, I had a deeper knowledge of the heavenly Father and of His Fatherhood in relation to souls. Today I live, glorifying the Holy Trinity. I thank God that He has deigned to adopt us as His children through grace.

1820. 10.+ Today, I want to be transformed, whole and entire, into the love of Jesus and to offer myself, together with Him, to the Heavenly Father.

During Holy Mass, I saw the Infant Jesus in the chalice, and He said to me, I am dwelling in your heart as you see Me in this chalice.