Diary of Sr Faustina – 4th Notebook (par.1231-1240)

Forth Notebook – Paragraphs 1231-1240



1231. Today Jesus came to live in my heart,
He descended from His throne on high,
The great Lord, the Creator of ail things;
And He came to me in the form of bread.

0 Eternal God, in my bosom enclosed,
Possessing You, I possess all Heaven,
And with the Angels I sing to You: Holy,
I live for Your glory alone.

Not with a Seraph, do You unite Yourself, O God,
But with a wretched man
Who can do nothing without You;
But to him You are ever merciful.

My heart is Your abode,
O King of Eternal Glory;
Rule in my heart and be Lord,
As in a palace of splendor untold.

0 great, incomprehensible God,
Who had deigned to abase Yourself so,
Humbly I adore you
And beg You in Your goodness to save me.


1232. O sweet Mother of God,
I model my life on You;
You are for me the bright dawn;
In You I lose myself, enraptured.
O Mother, Immaculate Virgin,

In You the divine ray is reflected,
Midst storms, ‘tis You who teach me to love the Lord,
O my shield and defense from the foe.

Cracow, August 10, 1937.

1233. Sr. Mary Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament

O Sacred Host, fountain of divine sweetness,
You give strength to my soul;
O You are the Omnipotent One, who took flesh of the Virgin,
You come to my heart, in secret,
Beyond reach of the groping senses.

J.M.J. Cracow, August 10, 1937

1234. All for You, Jesus. I desire to adore Your mercy with every beat of my heart and, to the extent that I am able, to encourage souls to trust in that mercy, as You Yourself have commanded me, O Lord.

1235. In my heart, in my soul, there is a dark night. My spirit has come up against an impenetrable wall that hides God from me. But this darkness is not of my doing. Strange indeed is this torture of which I fear to write in full. But even in this state, I am trying to be faithful to You. O my Jesus. Always and in all things, my heart beats for You alone.

1236. August 10, 1937. I came back today from Rabka to Cracow. I feel very ill. Only Jesus knows how much I am suffering. During these days, I have very much resembled Jesus Crucified. I have armed myself with patience in order to explain to each sister why I was not able to stay there: that is, because my health had become worse, even though I knew very well that certain sisters would inquire, not out of sympathy for my sufferings, but in order to add to them.

1237. O Jesus, what darkness is enveloping me and what nothingness is penetrating me. But, my Jesus, do not leave me alone; grant me the grace of faithfulness. Although I cannot penetrate the mystery of God’s visitation, it is in my power to say: Your will be done.

1238. August 12. On passing through Cracow, Rev. Father Sopocko paid me a short visit today. I had wanted to see him, and God fulfilled my desire. This priest is a great soul, entirely filled with God. My joy was very great, and I thanked God for this great grace, because it was for the greater glory of God that I wanted to see him.

1239. O living Host, O hidden Jesus. You see the condition of my soul. Of myself, I am unable to utter Your Holy Name. I cannot bring forth from my hart the fire of love but, kneeling at Your feet, I cast upon the Tabernacle the gaze of my soul, a gaze of faithfulness. As for You, You are ever the same, while within my soul a change takes place. I trust that the time will come when You will unveil Your countenance, and Your child will again see Your sweet face. I am astonished, Jesus, that You can hide Yourself from me for so long and that You can restrain the enormous love You have for me. In the dwelling of my heart, I am listening and waiting for Your coming, O only Treasure of my heart!

1240. The Lord Jesus greatly protects His representatives on earth. How closely He is united with them; and He orders me to give priority to their opinion over His. I have come to know the great intimacy which exists between Jesus and the priest. Jesus defends whatever the priest says, and often complies with his wishes, and sometimes makes His own relationship with a soul depending on the priest’s advice. O Jesus, through a special grace, I have come to know very clearly to what extent You have shared your power and mystery with them, more so than with the Angels. I rejoice in this, for it is all for my good.