Diary of Sr Faustina – 3rd Notebook (par.1131-1140)

Third Notebook – Paragraphs 1131-1140


1131. After these words, I received an inner understanding of what all created things are before God. Immense and incomprehensible is His majesty. And that He condescends toward us, is the abyss of His mercy …

1132. All things will have an end in this vale of tears,
Tears will run dry and pain will cease.
Only one thing will remain –
Love for You, O Lord.

All things will have an end in this exile,
The ordeals and wilderness of the soul.
And though she live in perpetual agony,
If God is with her, nothing can shake her.

1133. 27 [May 1937], Corpus Christi

During prayer, I heard these words: My daughter, let your heart be filled with joy. I, the Lord, am with you. Fear nothing. You are in My heart. At that moment, I knew the great majesty of God, and I understood that nothing could be compared with one single perception of God. Outward greatness dwindles like a speck of dust before one act of a deeper knowledge of God.

1134. The Lord has poured such a depth of peace into my soul that nothing will disturb it any more. Despite everything that goes on around me, I am not deprived of my peace for a moment. Even if the whole world were crumbling, it would not disturb the depth of the silence which is within me and in which God rests. All events, all the various things which happen are under His foot.

1135. This deeper knowledge of God gives me full liberty and spiritual freedom, and nothing can disturb my close union with Him, not even the angelic powers. I feel that I am great when I am united to God. What happiness it is to have the consciousness of God in one’s heart and to live in close intimacy with Him.

1136. When the procession from Borek (note196) came to our house, carrying Him who was to be reposed in our chapel, I heard a voice coming from the Host: Here is My repose. During Benediction, Jesus gave me to know that soon a solemn moment would take place on this very spot. I am pleased to rest in your heart and nothing will stop Me from granting your graces. This greatness of God floods my soul, and I drown in Him, I lose myself in Him, I am melting away in Him …

1137. May 30, [1937], I am dying of yearning for God today. This longing fills all my soul. How very much I feel I am in exile. O Jesus, when will the longed-for moment come?

1138. May 31. My tormented soul finds aid nowhere but in You, O Living Host. I place all my trust in Your merciful heart. I am waiting patiently for Your word, Lord.

1139. Oh, what pain it causes my heart when I see a nun who has not the religious spirit! How can one be pleasing to God when one is inflated with pride and self-love under the pretense of striving for God’s glory, while in fact one is seeking one’s own glory? When I see such a thing, it gives me very great pain. How can such a soul be united closely with God? Union with the Lord is out of the question here.

1140. June 1, 1937. Today, the Corpus Christi procession (note197) took place. At the first altar, a flame issued from the Host and pierced my heart, and I heard a voice, Here is My resting place. Ardor burst into flame in my heart. I felt that I am transformed completely into Him.