Diary of Sr Faustina – 2nd Notebook (par.951-960)

Second Notebook – Paragraphs 951-960


951. + O incomprehensible and limitless Mercy Divine,
To extol and adore You worthily, who can?
Supreme attribute of Almighty God,
You are the sweet hope for sinful man.

Into one hymn yourselves unite, stars, earth and sea, and in one accord, thankfully and fervently sing of the incomprehensible Divine Mercy.

952. My Jesus, You see that Your holy will is everything to me. It makes no difference to me what You do with me. You command me to set to work – and I begin calmly, although I know that I am incapable of it; through Your representatives, You order me to wait – so I wait patiently; You fill my soul with enthusiasm – but You do not make it possible for me to act; You attract me to Yourself in heaven – and You leave me in this world; You pour into my soul a great yearning for Yourself – and You hide Yourself from me. I am dying of the desire to be united with You forever, and You do not let death come near me. O will of God, you are the nourishment and delight of my soul. When I submit to the holy will of my God, a deep peace floods my soul.

O my Jesus, You do not give a reward for the successful performance of a work, but for the good will and the labor undertaken. Therefore, I am completely at peace, even if all my undertakings and efforts should be thwarted or should come to naught. If I do all that is in my power, the rest is not my business. And therefore the greatest storms do not disturb the depths of my peace; the will of God dwells in my conscience.

953. + February 15, 1937. Today my suffering increased somewhat: I not only feel greater pain all through my lungs, but also some strange pains in my intestines, I am suffering as much as my weak nature can bear, all for immortal souls, to plead the mercy of God for poor sinners and to beg for strength for priests. Oh, how much reverence I have for priests; and I am asking Jesus, the High Priest, to grant them many graces.

954. Today after Holy Communion, the Lord told me, My daughter, My delight is to unite myself with you. It is when you submit yourself to My will that you give Me the greatest glory and draw upon yourself a sea of blessings. I would not take such special delight in you if you were not living by my will. O my sweet Guest, I am prepared for all sacrifices for Your sake, but You know that I am weakness itself. Nevertheless, with You I can do all things. O my Jesus, I beseech You, be with me at each instant.

955. February 15, 1937. Today, I heard these words in my soul: Host pleasing to My Father, know, My daughter, that the entire Holy Trinity finds Its special delight in you, because you live exclusively by the will of God. No sacrifice can compare with this.

956. + After these words, the knowledge of God’s will came to me; that is to say, I now see everything from a higher point of view and accept all events and things, pleasant and unpleasant, with love, as tokens of the heavenly Father’s special affection.

957. The pure offering of my will will burn on the altar of love. That my sacrifice may be perfect, I untied myself closely with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. When great sufferings will cause my nature to tremble, and my physical and spiritual strength will diminish, then will I hide myself deep in the open wound of the Heart of Jesus, silent as a dove, without complaint. Let all my desires, even the holiest, noblest and most beautiful, take always the last place and Your holy will, the very first. The least of Your desires, O Lord, is more precious to me than heaven, with all its treasures. I know very well that people will not understand me; that is why my sacrifice will be purer in Your eyes.

958. Some days ago, a certain person came to me and asked me to pray for her intention, as she had some urgent and important business. All of a sudden, I felt in my soul that this matter was not pleasing to God, and I replied that I would not pray for this intention, “but I will pray for you, in general” [I added], A few days later, this lady came back to me and thanked me for not having prayed for her intention, but rather for her, because she had been motivated by a spirit of revenge toward a certain person to whom she owed respect and veneration in virtue of the fourth commandment. The Lord Jesus had changed her interior [dispositions], and she herself acknowledged her guilt; but was, however, surprised that I had penetrated her secret.

959. + Today I received a letter from Father Sopocko, who sent me greetings for my feast day [February 15]. His greetings gave me joy, but his poor health made me sad. I had known about this by interior intuition, but had not quite believed it. But it seems to me that if he himself wrote that this was so, then the other things about which he did not write are also true, and my interior knowledge has not deceived me. He requested me to underline all that I know does not come from me; that is to say, all that Jesus tells me which I hear in my soul. (note172) He has already asked me to do this several times, but I did not have the time and, to tell the truth, I was in no hurry to do so. But how does he know that I have not done this? I was very surprised; but now I am setting about this work with all my heart. O my Jesus, Your representative’s will is clearly Your holy will, without a shadow of a doubt.

960. February 16, 1937. Today I entered a neighboring room by mistake and so, for a while, I talked with the person who was there. When I returned to my own room I thought about that person for a few moments. Then suddenly, Jesus stood by my side and said. My daughter, what are you thinking about right now? Without thinking, I snuggled close to His heart, because I realized that I had been thinking too much about creatures.