Diary of Sr Faustina – 6th Notebook (par.1590-1600)

Sixth Notebook – Paragraphs 1590-1600



J. M. J.

1590. Praise, O my Soul,
the incomprehensible mercy of God.
May all be for His glory.

Cracow, February 10, 1938
Sixth Notebook.

Sister Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament
Of the Congregation
Of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

1591. My heart is drawn there where my God is hidden,
Where He dwells with us day and night,
Clothed in the White Host;
He governs the whole world, He communes with souls.

My heart is drawn there where my God is hiding,
Where His love is immolated.
But my heart senses that the living water is here;
It is my living God, though a veil hides Him.

1592. February 10, 1938. During meditation, the Lord gave me knowledge of the joy of heaven and of the saints on our arrival there; they love God as the sole object of their love, but they also have a tender and heartfelt love for us. It is from the face of God that this joy flows, out upon all, because we see Him face to face. His face is so sweet that the soul falls anew into ecstasy.

1593. The Lord Himself moves me to write prayers and hymns about His mercy, and these hymns of praise force themselves upon my lips. I have noticed that ready-formulated words of praise of God’s mercy enter my mind, and so I have resolved to write them down in so far as is within my power. I can feel God urging me to do so.

1594. One of the sisters came into my cell for a little while. After a short conversation on the subject of obedience, she said to me, “Oh, now I understand how the saints acted. Thank you, Sister; a great light has entered my soul; I have profited much.”

1595. O my Jesus, this is Your work. It is You who have spoken thus to that soul, because this sister came in when I was completely immersed in God, and it was just at that moment when this deep recollection left me. O my Jesus, I know that, in order to be useful to souls, one has to strive for the closest possible union with You, who are Eternal Love. One word from a soul united to God effects more good in souls than eloquent discussions and sermons from an imperfect soul.

1596. + I saw Father A. [Andrasz’s] surprise at my actions, but all that is for the glory of God. Oh, how great is Your grace, O Lord, grace which lifts the soul up to greater heights. I am very grateful to the Lord for having given me an enlightened priest. You could have continued to leave me in uncertainties and hesitations, but Your goodness remedied that, O my Jesus, it is impossible for me to count Your favors …

1597. My daughter, your struggle will last until death. Your last breath will mark its end. You shall conquer by meekness.

1598. February 13, 1938. I saw how unwillingly the Lord Jesus came to certain souls in Holy Communion. And He spoke these words to me: I enter into certain hearts as into a second Passion.

1599. As I was trying to make my Holy Hour, I saw the suffering Jesus, who spoke these words to me: My daughter, do not pay so much attention to the vessel of grace as to the grace itself which I give you, because you are not always pleased with the vessel, and then the graces, too, become deficient. I want to guard you from that, and I want you never to pay attention to the vessel in which I send you My grace. Let all the attention of your soul be concentrated on responding to My grace as faithfully as possible.

1600. + O my Jesus, if You Yourself do not soothe the longing of my soul, then no one can either comfort or soothe it. Your every approach arouses new raptures of love in my soul, but also a new agony; because, despite all Your approaches to my soul, even the most exceptional, I am still loving You from a distance, and my heart dies in an ecstasy of love; because this is still not the complete and eternal union, although You commune with me so very often unveiled [as if face to face]; nevertheless, You thereby open in my soul and heart an abyss of love and desire for You, my God, and this bottomless abyss, this total desiring of God, cannot be completely filled on this earth.

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